November 17th 2017, The Netherlands

Magento. Software Testing. Party.

All the ingredients you like as a developer. Let our great set of speakers blow you away. Join developers from all around the world for this unique and leading event. Are you going to be there?

Magento.Software Testing.Party.

One single topic: Testing

This international Magento developer event is all about testing - vital for clean coding. This topic is in itself enough to talk about for weeks: TDD, BDD, DD, unit testing - it goes on and on. If you consider yourself a quality developer, testing is a fundamental part of your work. In short, testing means cleaner code, fewer fuck-ups and happier customers.

Focus on Magento 2

Magento 2 is focused on testing: It includes unit tests for both PHP and JavaScript and uses patterns like Dependency Injection and SRP. This enables you to write better tests in your own extensions. Still, it is a complex topic, requiring in-depth knowledge. And because code is constantly evolving, your tests should evolve with it. This event gives you the hands-on tips and underlying theory to get the most out of it.

Boost your knowledge

  • Workshops
  • Conference
  • Hackathon

Crank up Magento

  • Cleaner code
  • Fewer fuck-ups
  • Smiling customers

Meet your friends

  • Great party
  • Talk beershit
  • Knockout for all

WTF? What The Fuck?

Is it a conference, a workshop or a hackathon?

Actually, it is all of this. You can pick which parts of the event you want to join. It starts with 2 days of high-quality workshops. Together with an authoritative trainer you dive into the essentials of testing. Eye-openers, new insights and practical exercises are guaranteed.

The event day itself - November 17th 2017 - will feature a line-up of great inspirational speakers. Expect tips and tricks, technology updates and discovery of testing methods. We end the day with a great diner and after-party - and lots of fun and beershit. Don't get too wasted though, because the day after, we all will get productive during the Contribution Day with help of Magento core developers.

Get your ticket!

News flash

10 May 2017 First public annoucement at MeetMagento 2017 Netherlands
9 May 2017 Announcement of Vinai Kopp as first speaker
6 May 2017 We created a little flyer
21 April 2017 First draft of website
4 April 2017 Booked 5th speaker at the biggest conference of all
17 March 2017 Discussed with Magento option of co-organizing a Magento Contribution Day
4 March 2017 Booked 4th speaker while walking to a party which knocked me out
14 February 2017 Phone call with 3rd main speaker
13 February 2017 Skype call with 2nd main speaker
10 February 2017 Skype call with 1st main speaker
20 January 2017 First main 3 speakers are booked (but not announced yet, mwoahaha)
22 October 2016 The first announcement was made on the second Magento 2 Seminar, together with 1st speaker
11 October 2016 The idea for a developer-specific Magento event popped up